3rd December 2020

The Year In Our Eyes

2020. How do we even begin to describe a year like this? Stressful, unforgiving, traumatic? All of these and more spring to mind. But after finally […]
30th November 2020

The A-Z of Unusual and Obsolete Occupations of The Victorian Era

In today’s Family Wise blog, we’re taking a closer look into some of the more unusual, forgotten and downright crazy jobs of yesteryear! This deep dive […]
16th November 2020

The Power of the Letter Or, The Zeal of the Recent Convert

I am a recent convert to letter-writing. For years, I have been very willing to contact people I knew had an interest in genealogy, through Ancestry […]
4th November 2020

The New Apprentice

Ever since I was little, I have always loved to work things out. My time was mainly spent being tech support to friends and family and […]
29th May 2020

From Melbourne To Family Wise – A Genealogy Journey

I never really thought I could get a paid job as a genealogist, other than perhaps doing some ad hoc work for people’s personal projects – […]
23rd May 2020

Life at Family Wise – An Office Junior’s Perspective

Hello readers, I’m Rhys, one of the office juniors and I’m here to tell you a little bit about what the office juniors get up to […]
14th May 2020

Locked-Down, Not Locked-Out

Hello all! I hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy during these difficult times. Lockdown certainly has been tough on us all in so many different […]
7th April 2020

Long Time, No See!

It has been a while since I have written a blog. Not because I don’t want to. And not because I have nothing to blog about. […]
7th February 2020

The Many Descendants of Flossie Holland

The unclaimed Estates list Sometimes it is not the story of a single person who holds the most interest, but that of the family as a […]