29th March 2021

Top 5 Tips For Preserving Your Photos!

Whilst the photo album on your phone might be what you’re reaching for nowadays when flicking through old pictures, that wasn’t always the case… Once upon […]
8th February 2021

How I Became A Professional Genealogist

When you’ve been researching your own family for nearly 30 years but further progress is hampered by Covid-19 restrictions and the demands of family life with […]
27th January 2021
Messenger bird takes flight from soldiers hands

Cher Ami – The Messenger Pigeon That Helped Win The War

When looking back into our ancestor’s lives, it is very hard to ignore how much the wars affected how their future played out. The sacrifices that […]
3rd December 2020

The Year In Our Eyes

2020. How do we even begin to describe a year like this? Stressful, unforgiving, traumatic? All of these and more spring to mind. But after finally […]
30th November 2020

The A-Z of Unusual and Obsolete Occupations of The Victorian Era

In today’s Family Wise blog, we’re taking a closer look into some of the more unusual, forgotten and downright crazy jobs of yesteryear! This deep dive […]
16th November 2020
letter writing

The Power of the Letter Or, The Zeal of the Recent Convert

I am a recent convert to letter-writing. For years, I have been very willing to contact people I knew had an interest in genealogy, through Ancestry […]
4th November 2020

The New Apprentice

Ever since I was little, I have always loved to work things out. My time was mainly spent being tech support to friends and family and […]
29th May 2020

From Melbourne To Family Wise – A Genealogy Journey

I never really thought I could get a paid job as a genealogist, other than perhaps doing some ad hoc work for people’s personal projects – […]
23rd May 2020

Life at Family Wise – An Office Junior’s Perspective

Hello readers, I’m Rhys, one of the office juniors and I’m here to tell you a little bit about what the office juniors get up to […]