23rd September 2015

Can I give you some advice?

Each and every day, we give people help and advice. We help to break down solid brick walls in their family history, locate missing people and […]
6th July 2015

Draft, draft and re-draft

As Managing Director of FWL, I am supposed to know everything. And, do you know what ….? I do! However, that is only with the ‘on tap’ […]
23rd June 2015

Making assumptions

…. is a very dangerous game to play. In genealogy terms, you could end up barking rather loudly up completely the wrong tree by connecting the dots […]
19th May 2015

The Hour of Power

When do you achieve your best work? Are you a night owl or one who is up with the larks? Do you burn the candle at […]
18th April 2015

Who Do You Think You Are? Live – The Final Frontier

Is it actually possible? Sadly, it is. It’s over. Completely and utterly. Finished. Who Do You Think You Are? Live has been looming on the genealogical […]
4th May 2014

#18 Beatrice Woodward Steer (1859-1880)

As regular readers will know, my maternal grandfather documented his family line long before the internet. Along with documents, photographs, certificates and other ephemera passed down […]
30th March 2014

#13 Good ‘E[a]v(e/a)ns! Elijah Evans, born 26 January 1888 West Bromwich

When my grandparents moved to Tenerife, my mother was left with the suitcase of family treasures. Within the documents, very little appeared to be known about […]
26th March 2014

Old Mersey Times

This week, I stumbled across the Old Mersey Times website. What an absolute treasure! From The Genealogist’s Lament to missing people, divorce, bigamy, bankruptcy and a […]
27th January 2014

Holocaust Memorial Day

69 years ago today, towards the end of World War II, the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz was liberated by the Allies. The anniversary of that […]