17th January 2014

St Antony’s Day

January 17 is St Antony’s Day – the feast day of St Antony of Egypt, remembered for the temptations he suffered during his twenty years of […]
19th December 2013

Where did the murder take place? Day 4 ‘A Week of Christmas mystery’

The final clues will help work out where the murder took place…. Mrs Claus received a photograph frame for Christmas from Santa. It was 26cm by 15cm […]
11th December 2013

Enumerated twice?

Back in the days before digitisation of censuses, it was often a great achievement to find the person or family you were searching for within a […]
6th November 2013

V is for….

…. Victorian Crime and Punishment. Sensational murder stories in the Victorian era sold newspapers and crime fiction in a way that had never been seen before […]