Frequent Contract Related Questions

1Why do I need to sign a contract?
Making a claim on an estate is a legal process and therefore, we must have authority to act to represent you, which is provided by the contract.
2Will I get charged anything?
No. We will never charge you anything. We take a percentage commission from individual entitlement, so you will only ever receive money from us. The only costs which may be incurred are if you wish to send documentation to us through the post, however we are currently able to accept scans of your paperwork, which removes this cost.
3What do you take from the estate at the end of the process in fees?
The main fee taken from the estate is the percentage commission agreed at the beginning of the process, which is included on the contract provided. This varies from case to case. Disbursements are upfront costs from the administration of the estate. These could include but are not exclusive to the following: certificates, postage, wills, probate applications, statutory notices and certified copies. Family Wise Limited does not charge a separate administration fee as all administration work is conducted by us.
4What are the risks?
There is no risk to a beneficiary in making a claim on an estate. You will never incur any financial costs at any point in the process unless you choose to send documents by post, and we will not ask you for money to pursue a claim. Should a claim fail for any reason, there will be no charge made to beneficiaries. We are registered with the Information Commissioners’ Office and are in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations. No contact details will be passed on by Family Wise without explicit written permission however, your name (only) will appear on estate accounts and family trees distributed to all beneficiaries involved in the case.
5I have signed a contract, when does the 14-day cooling off period begin?
The 14 days begin from the date that a contract was counter-signed by a member of FWL team. If you wish to cancel your contract during this period, simply call us (our calls are recorded) or inform us in writing.

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