Heir Tracing

We Help You Secure Your Inheritance

When someone dies without leaving a will and with no immediate kin, the value of the estate is held by Her Majesty’s Treasury Department, allowing time for the rightful heirs to make a claim. If no claim is made within the qualifying period then eventually the value of the estate will pass to the Crown.

The UK Intestate rules are strict and are governed by an ‘order of priority’ of entitled relatives. As probate researchers, Family Wise Limited trace the family tree of the deceased, locate individuals who are potential beneficiaries in the case and prove their entitlement. It is often the case that those who are entitled to make a claim do not know that the deceased left an estate or may not even be aware of the person who died.

When Family Wise Limited first contacts you, we will be looking to confirm that you are the person identified in our research. We will also ask you questions about other members of your family to prove that our investigations are correct.

Family Wise Limited will never ask you or any other potential beneficiaries for money to act on your behalf. We work on a commission basis and an agreed percentage fee (like a ‘finders fee’) is paid directly to Family Wise Limited before the estate is distributed to beneficiaries.

In order to proceed with a claim on your behalf, Family Wise Limited will need a signed contract outlining our agreed terms of appointment. We will also need proof of identification and residence (required by the Treasury Solicitor to prevent fraudulent claims). Examples of this documentation will be discussed.



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