Frequent ID-Related Questions

1Why am I being asked to send in identification?
This is a legal process, and we need to confirm your identity by law to prevent fraudulent claims and as protection against money laundering. The list provided is a government provided list and therefore we cannot accept forms of identification not specified on the list.
2Why do I need to send two forms of identification?
We are required to gather one form of identification that proves your name and one form that proves your address in line with the regulations mentioned above.
3Do you need the original hard copies?
Currently, due to covid, we can accept high-quality scans of your contract and two forms of identification. All corners of the document must be in the scan and the image must be clear. Please note we cannot accept photographs.
4How do I know if my birth certificate is original?
If your birth certificate was issued within a year of your birth. On UK birth certificates, this is the date at the bottom of the certificate. It is not the date in the box marked ‘when registered.’
5How can I get my ID certified?
If you do not want to send your originals and are not able to or are uncomfortable sending scans, we can accept certified copy documents. You can take your originals and copies to a solicitor or to the Post Office and they will certify the copies. They may make a small admin charge for this service. Then simply place the certified copies in an envelope and post these to us with the contract.
6Should I send my ID special delivery?
You may feel that you do not want to send your original ID documents by standard post. We recommend, if sending valuable original documents, that you send them to our offices via a tamper-proof Special Delivery mailing pouch for security. We will have them certified by our company solicitor and return them to you as soon as possible, via Special Delivery.
7If I am signing on behalf of someone else, do I need to send in my Power of Attorney?
We will require your original Power of Attorney documentation if you are signing on behalf of someone for whom you hold Power of Attorney. However, we still require two forms of identification for the entitled beneficiary (the person on whose behalf you are signing).
8When will I get my ID back/how long will it take to process?
After receiving your two forms of identification, under normal circumstances it takes at most a week to process your identification and send it back to you.
9Will you send my ID back to me special delivery?
We will only post valuable or irreplaceable forms of identification via Special Delivery, such as an original birth certificate or a passport. Some other, less valuable forms of identification will be returned signed-for rather than special delivery. Items such as household bills or medical letters will not be returned by any form of registered mail, as they do not hold financial or personal value. Copies of identification sent are retained by Family Wise.
10My ID/bills are in both mine and my partners name, can I use this?
Yes, we can accept identification if it is addressed to you and your partner e.g. Mr and Mrs XXX.
11Does the address on my contract and on my ID have to be the same?
Yes, the address you provide on your contract has to match both forms of identification you send in.

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