Lovely day…

29 September 2013

What better way to spend your Sunday than with 400-500 people all interested in digging into the past? …. And more importantly, with two lovely ladies who helped man the Guild Stand, @WillsmanOneName and @Prentice_Study – many thanks! We definitely educated lots of people about the Guild and what our members do, as well as blowing away some misconceptions…. Very odd what people think the organisation and its members do! Also met a nut or two – well, John Nutt and a few others who were probably linked loosely to his family name, though we did not have enough time to do DNA tests to prove the connection today.

Long drive – thankfully Gertrude was mildly out in her estimation of 2 hours on the way down…. though to be fair to her, only by 15 minutes, and that was most probably due to Roxy (that’s my Audi A3)’s great handling on some almost empty country roads. Unfortunately, the M3 had to let the side down – as per usual – on the return trip with traffic jams for no apparent reason at Eastleigh/Chandlers Ford.

And so, onward to my Southern California Genealogy Jamboree biog – 400 characters about me for the short version and then 1500 for the long haul. Better than how I read it originally when I wondered how the blooming heck (or other similar but less publishable terminology) I was supposed to write 1500 words about myself! Good job I went back over the instructions before getting started on the draft…..

Looking forward to spending lots of time on case work this week and even have the possibility of a gene-based job interview on Wednesday. Watch this space.

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