With experts located all over the world, with a multitude of different skillsets and resources, we can offer a wide range of services.

Whether it be locating distant relatives, analysing DNA results, finding more about your family history, or resolving intestate estates – rest assured, we can help!

People Finding

As well as tracing back in time, we can also help you find long lost family members that are still living – should you be an adoptee, and wish to find your biological family, we can assist you in your search!

With experts located all over the globe, rest assured we can help!

DNA Testing

With our in-house DNA experts, we can help you analyse your DNA test estimates! By retracing your family tree, we can help validate your results.

Family History Research

Family history research is our specialty! With a wealth of expert genealogists ready to research from all over the world, and a plethora of resources, we are certain we can offer you a deeper understanding of who your ancestors were!

With the availability of bespoke packages specifically catered to what you are looking to discover, you can also rest assured that our services will be worth your while – and at the end of it all, we will present you with a report or binder with all the valuable information included!

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More Success Stories

I learned from Family Wise that I was the beneficiary from the estate of a relative who died intestate. Although his estate was in the UK and I am in the US which made things a bit more complicated., Family Wise went out of their way to make getting the estate settled as easy for me as possible and although it took some years, they were diligent in keeping me up to date as to what was happening and ultimately securing the funds were sent to me. They are a very professional firm and I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone needing their types of services.

Linda Young

Peyton from Family Wise Limited was very helpful. My family is in the United States, so this process was strange to us. Peyton was patient with us and walked us through the process. Thank you so much for your professionalism.

Tammy Byrd

Highly professional and efficient are the ways I would describe Family Wise Ltd. Whilst the findings of my inheritance were not life-changing amounts, the service I received was superb. Thank you so much for your efforts Family Wise, it was greatly appreciated.

Bob Prior

Totally out of the blue I was contacted by Family Wise Limited that I had a distant relative that had died with an unclaimed estate. With a 120 year researched family tree thrown in and a cheque I received today, all I can say is well done Family Wise Limited, and thank you to the very pleasant staff.

Peter Warneford-Bygrave

Thank you all at Family Wise for all the work that was carried out to recover money. Was very interesting to receive the family tree.

Avis Rose

Excellent service and through Family Wise, I discovered things I never knew regarding my mother

Carole Rust

Family Wise are a legitimate company and provide excellent service.
They were able to resolve the payment of a deceased relative’s funds to myself and family members for a reasonable admin fee.

Christopher McKeown

Family Wise contacted us (we’re in Australia) last year about our brother. They were very professional and trustworthy. I do not hesitate in recommending them.

Margaret Rees-Lee

The service is excellent it was in regard to my late wife’s uncle Brian Christopher Smith, who just received a letter about the family’s history. My wife lost touch with a lot of her family on her mother’s side. Thank you for all your help.

Michael Woolsey
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