Working with amazing people

30 September 2013

How often do you hear people moan about their jobs? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all love doing what we do to earn a living? Well, I am lucky enough to have managed to do exactly that. Today, I have drawn up some very artistic family trees – even though I do say so myself – which I am extremely chuffed with. I hope my client will be too! I have located the military records of an ancestor of a good friend of mine, within which she was delighted to find a description of a great-grandfather she never had the opportunity to meet. But, all this I achieved alone….

What shone out of my day today was the amazing young people I have the pleasure of working with. Clearly neither the individuals nor the educational establishments can be named, but the pride I have in the achievements today of one young lady who said ‘I can’t do fractions’ and within an hour, managed to master all four rules of fractions and another, in Year 9 (that’s aged 13 – 3rd year in old money), who ‘hated algebra’ and then munched up C grade GCSE work…. is phenomenal. And that’s aside from popping in to my old place of work to quickly catch up with a member of staff, only to be quite literally mobbed by ex-students ….

Every day is different as an Heir Hunter, family historian, lecturer, society chair (times two…. oh I have a few stories on that front to share this week!)….etc…. but there is nothing better than working with amazing people. Thank you for making my day so smiley and bright!

Sadly, gene-interview was not meant to be. That’s OK though …. more time to get on with writing my next book!

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