The wonders of Heir Hunting

2 October 2013

You may well be wondering why we are Heir Hunters…. well, let me tell you, it does not make us rich quick! There are many companies out there who do what we do, some more credible than others, and you may wish to look at links such as, and/or to see what I mean….

Heir Hunting to us is about claiming back money for people which is currently held in trust with the Treasury Solicitors. Generally, families are unaware that the funds have been left behind when their relatives have departed. We are an ethical company and so we often provide beneficiaries with details of the estate and advise them to put in a claim themselves, particularly if the sole beneficiaries are the parents of the deceased.

Last year, we worked on a small case – just one beneficiary who asked us to act on her behalf. The deceased was her brother who she had lost contact with in the 1970s and despite desperate attempts to make contact over the years, had not managed to locate him. Having lost both her parents, the money left to her brother in their mother’s will – a not insignificant amount – was placed in a building society about fifteen years ago. Unfortunately, it transpired that her brother passed away in 2000 and although his estate was only a small sum, the building society funds therefore went to our client, with fifteen years of interest. At least she had some closure after all these years….. but if only we could tell her where he had been and what he had done in the intervening years….

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