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6 October 2013

I am guessing that for most people, the last thing you want to think about is Christmas right now but, as I write, it is only 79.5 days until the big day. As I have mentioned here before, I do not believe that this is the place to express vociferous opinion and hence, I am not going to pause too long and discuss the meaning of Christmas for people of varying residency across the globe and differing religious beliefs!

What I will say is that, for a lot of people, Christmas is a time for family. It is also a time for family history, whether it be having conversations with relations about the past, to glean that snippet of information you did not know before, or for us at Family Wise Limited and other professionals amongst you, creating that special gift on behalf of our clients. Now, anyone following this blog who is involved in family history will know that family trees are not created overnight – not least because of the seven working days that the GRO certificates take to arrive!

Hence, we are working on many projects for clients at present (excuse the pun), in preparation for Christmas. From a large printed family tree which can be created and distributed to all your relatives, to a binder with various certificates, census documents, military records and other available documentation (which will of course vary from case to case), no two projects are the same and each is tailored to the requirements of the individual customer.

So, 79.5 days minus the 20.5 days which are weekends, leaves us with just 59 week days until Christmas Day. Divide that by the seven working days it could take for a certificate to arrive, that’s eight certificate ordering rounds, if you need to wait for the information on one certificate before you can order the next! Best get cracking….

[Sorry – that’s the mathematician in me…..]

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