Variety is the spice of life

9 October 2013

Each week, I attend a network meeting to inform other local business people about Family Wise and what we do. 60 seconds, once a week, to enlighten them about private investigation, lecturing, writing books, writing and running courses, family history research, Heir Hunting…. the list is endless and I find myself having to carefully select what I am going to talk about each week so that attendees can remember a little snippet that might hopefully bring some referrals to our door.

Variety is the key to our work – we are working on different projects every day which means that researchers are always challenged. Sometimes, we can get a tree back to the early nineteenth century very quickly, with little outlay except time. On other occasions, common names and entertaining transcriptions of censuses might cause a few stumbles along the way – boy, do those * and ? keys come in handy sometimes!

Working with a few clients this week on private investigation work has meant that one landlord has some hope of claiming back nearly £2,000 in arrears from an ex-tenant and, within an hour, we have located current contact details for a beneficiary in a will which looked as though it might not be paid out for years. A good week….

And so, to do a final run through of my lecture for Buckinghamshire Family History Society tomorrow. See you in Aylesbury?

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