Good record keeping

11 October 2013

T’would be fair to say that yesterday was something of a long day. Beginning with the usual Thursday breakfast networking meeting, I left home at 6:30am and returned at just shy of 11pm. However, a jolly fine day I had in between (well, if you ignore the grey sky and the rain).

In September and October, the Central Group of Buckinghamshire Family History Society have held a Thursday evening meeting in Stoke Mandeville as well as their usual third Saturday of the month lecture in Aylesbury. Lesley Williams invited me along to speak on the topic of Record Keeping for Family Historians. There I was last night extolling the virtues of being organised and recording all your sources, in addition to highlighting the importance of having a method in your madness …. I mean, family history research.

If the attendees could see the amount of paperwork in the office, they would wonder why on earth I was talking about digitising all their records and making sure your work space isn’t cluttered. Well, if the office only housed my own personal tree then that is what I would do! I hope that everyone went away from the meeting with some new ideas to try, whether they intend to use a particular software package to store their data and documentation, or return home and improve their backup systems …. there was something for everyone from beginners to experienced researchers.

It was also a pleasure to wake up this morning to a request from the Society for another talk next year. So watch out Aylesbury! On Saturday 15 March 2014, you’ll experience the delights of the A-Z of Victorian Occupations: A look back in time at unusual & obsolete occupations.

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