Another hat….

15 October 2013

Any of my blog followers who know me well, will know that I wear a couple of genealogical hats, most of which are not mentioned on the Family Wise website. But today could not go by without highlighting the Who Do You Think You Are Magazine October podcast, featuring Yours Truly!

As Chair of the Society and one of the six founder members, I was interviewed a few weeks ago by Jon Bauckham about the launch of the brand new Society for One-Place Studies, the aims of the group and where the idea of forming a society had come from. Trying my utmost to mention as many of the founder members by name and as many study locations around the world as possible in ten minutes (off the top of my head!), I think from 22 minutes onwards, the recording gives an excellent insight into what a one-place study is, what the Society is all about and benefits of being a part of it. The November edition of the magazine also features a news item about the launch, as well as mentioning Simon Last’s one-place study of Parham in Suffolk. Take a look at the Society’s website if you would like to know more….

Looking to the future, over the course of the next 26 days, you can look forward to The Genealogist’s A-Z . Tomorrow, perhaps unsurprisingly (!!), we begin with A….

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