A is for accuracy

16 October 2013

Day 1 of The Genealogist’s A-Z  begins naturally with A – the all important, accuracy. Over the last few days, some entertaining inaccuracies in transcriptions on the commercial sites have been highlighted here. But, that is by no means the only place where family historians, local historians and other associated professionals need accuracy or more importantly, need to be accurate.

There have been several occasions in recent years when the team at Family Wise have had to pick up the pieces from some shocking case work completed by other researchers. Many individuals seem to purport to be a ‘professional genealogist’ and companies as ‘Heir Hunters’ with very little experience to support their chosen title. Not everyone has completed qualifications in the field – though there are many now available through various education providers across the world – but surely there has to be some standardisation to ensure a quality product to clients no matter which firm/individual they choose to use?

Agreed, no-one is perfect. That’s why we have erasers! Joking aside though, when providing a service to others, surely one should aspire to perfection and endeavour to unlock the mystery of the past without errors …. and turning every stone along the way ….

That’s the benefit of having a team …. work together, double check or even ‘double work’ cases to ensure accuracy. Why wouldn’t you choose Family Wise, with such excellent testimonials from happy customers across the many arms of our business?

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