A little belatedly….

17 November 2013

I think I mentioned quite early on in the Family Wise blogging days, that an extra few hours in the day, or an entire extra day in the week would be mighty welcome. Having dreamt last night that someone reading our daily blog actually emailed us to say ‘where is today’s blog?’….this morning, I thought about my Christmas letter to FC and I thought I’d share it with you:

Dear FC

I know I wrote after ‘the big day’ last year but I would like to say thank you again for all my Christmas gifts in 2012. The David Baldacci novels were enormously appreciated and the WASGIJ puzzles keep me entertained for hours.

In 2013, lots has changed for me. My book was launched to the public in February at Who Do You Think You Are? Live and I now run Family Wise Limited full-time. With a second book in the publishing pipeline and lectures booked across the globe in 2014, I have never been busier. But with busyness comes a problem or two which I hope you can help me with this Christmas.

Please could you help other people to realise that I am unfortunately not super-human. I am not able to spin over fifty plates at once and not drop one of them. If I forget something, please could you ask them to be kind and jog my memory without making me feel enormously bad for dropping ‘their’ plate. I do understand that the above may not be possible, so perhaps you could help me in another way? Provide me with plastic plates and lots of them.

I already have a 2014 diary – like I’d have managed to get this close to the end of 2013 without one! – and the air miles are racking up. I think an MP3 player or an iPod might be handy so that, when I am stuck on the ‘plane next to someone really ‘entertaining’, I can put the headphones in and listen to some music. Oh …. and a Kindle or something like that, so I can take lots of books to read without having to use my luggage allowance.

Finally, I wonder if you could please stop by my place on your way around the world with Rudolph. If you wouldn’t mind picking up some books and taking some to Toronto and some to Sydney for me, that would save me a lot of money on postage next year. Only if you can manage to fit them in the sleigh though….

Many thanks and please don’t forget my sponsor child in Sudan, Saadia. She really doesn’t have much and if you could stop by with some gifts and wish her a Happy Christmas, I would massively appreciate it.

Best wishes for the festive season to you, MC and the family,


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