Thirty-five to go….

26 November 2013

Today marks exactly 35 days until the end of the year and 29 days until Christmas. Now, confession time: how many of you have done all your shopping already? If you have, then I personally believe that you are in the minority…. I dearly hope so anyway.

If you – like me and most of the population – are struggling for ideas for that ‘inspired gift’, may I take this opportunity to recommend three brilliant ideas, none of which I have any commercial connection with:

1. Priceless Treasures

For the life of me, I cannot remember where I first came across these wonderful books. I have a funny feeling that it might have been almost a decade ago when I was manning a stand at an event in Dorset…. but that’s by the by. Dedicated to the preservation of memories, the memory books available from this fantastic company will help you to capture all the great stories of this generation… before they’re lost forever.

Mother’s Memories, Father’s Memories, Grandfather’s Memories, Grandmother’s Memories and so many more titles, if you want a unique present for the person who has it all, buy them a blank book to complete themselves with the story of their life. My parents made it into a bit of a competition, me thinks – who can include the most photographs? – and then gave me the books back the following Christmas. What an inspired plan that was, even though I do say so myself!

2. Genealogy supplies

Both S&N Genealogy and My History offer a veritable Aladdin’s Cave of products for family historians, from software to binders, books to CDs, directories and maps to archival paper, charts and much more. If you are not sure what your obsessive family member or friend wants, vouchers at the ready…. you can’t go wrong!

3. The Family History Partnership

Family historians publishing for family historians, FHP aim to ‘ensure that family and local historians are provided with the handbooks and guides that they need’ by providing authors with a new route to get their books into print. There are some excellent titles available from Granny was a Brothel Keeper to the Surnames Handbook, from beginners guides to advanced. I would recommend an in-depth delve into their offerings – lots of treasures to be found here.

There are many other publishers who offer local, family and social history delights, including Pen and Sword and The History Press…. So much to choose from, so little time/money….!

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