Pearls of wisdom

29 November 2013

I have often wondered if there should be a proverb counter out there somewhere to see how many proverbs are used each day. But today, this proverb is particularly true….

Never known as a great lover of mornings, an alarm call at 5am was not particularly welcome this morning. On my drive towards Swindon, I decided that it would be a very good idea to use my mind for something constructive (as well as trying to focus it on the fact that, although it was pitch black, it was time to wake up). What better to do than count cars? Yes, I actually did. But even better than that, I worked out how many cars I saw per mile travelled. Amazing statistics which should be collected more frequently, I am sure you’ll agree.

You are probably wondering what on earth I was doing up at such a ridiculous hour. Well, as a renowned ‘excellent business networker’, I had booked to attend the Chapter Development training workshop through BNI Wiltshire with Michele Ibbs. Hosted by the BNI Isambard Chapter at Jury’s Inn in Swindon, I was under the impression that the course started at 9:30am – it was when I booked it! – but yesterday, randomly, it had been changed to a 6:30am start on the website. Hmm…. anyway, several hours were spent (after a rather tasty breakfast) discussing how to educate the masses about the merits of visiting a BNI Chapter to grow their business. Thanks Michele for the ‘pearls of wisdom’ – and for the 1-2-1 and follow-up afterwards.

Meeting fellow business people and finding out more about what they do is extremely rewarding, though people often raise their eyebrows when I say that I am an Heir Hunter and family historian. Not many of those in BNI!

[Oh and in case you are still wondering, the answer is one per mile…..]

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