The power of networking

9 December 2013

To be part of the Family Wise team, part of the job description states ‘thou shalt not be a shy, retiring wallflower’ and later, once employed, it is written in employee’s contracts that ‘thou shalt network like a demon with all individuals at all events attended on behalf of Family Wise’…. And today has once again showed why this is the case.

A short time ago – probably six or so months back – I was asked to speak in Wilton at a branch of Wiltshire Family History Society. Honouring them with my lecture on Researching before civil registration, the audience was enthusiastic and highly engaged (I would say – no nodding off at all!) with over a quarter of them not only asking questions and probing my brain cells on the evening, but also following up our discussions with emails, calls and further bookings for lectures! Although we always talk about Heir Hunting at events, it has often been said that if people know they need the assistance of an Heir Hunter, then they don’t need their assistance. Wrong….

A lovely Wiltshire lady requires our help to appropriately administer the estate of one of her relations and where did she find out about us? At the talk in Wilton! Another meeting scheduled into the already bulging diaries here!

On the flip side, it has been quite staggering how awful some companies are at networking – with a Visitors Day at Chippenham Golf Club (J17 BNI) this Thursday, I have invited twenty five people involved in local business. Their reasons for not being able to attend range from valid and honourable ones to ‘we don’t do these meetings’. Odd response indeed. Surely you want more business and more people to know that your business is in the area?

There’s nowt so queer as folk!

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