What a wonderful day….

10 December 2013

A semi-‘day off’ and a trip to the city of Hereford to visit some friends. Lunch in the Cloisters Cafe in the Cathedral was, of course, an excellent plan for a family and local historian! Many memorial tablets and plaques adorned the walls of the cafe which I could quite happily have spent all afternoon photographing. However, restraining myself, just one caught my eye:

‘She was a Woman of a most amiable disposition and exemplary character, mild and gentle in her manners, humble and modest in her deportment, steady and sincere in her friendships, benevolent and charitable to the poor. She bore a long and painful illness with the greatest fortitude and patience and resignd her Soul to the hands of her Creator on the 18 day of February 1797 in the 55 year of her Age leaving a sorrowing husband lamenting her loss, and an only Daughter to imitate her virtues.’

But, who is ‘she’?

The Cathedral have a card index of memorial tablets, indexed by name. That is the missing piece of the jigsaw though! She sounds like such a lovely individual. What an enormous shame that her name is not recorded on the stone tablet.

I feel a letter to the Cathedral historian coming on, to see if they know more….

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