Festive cheer

14 December 2013

Feeling a little more festive, having completed most of the Christmas Family History projects, I thought I’d have a dabble in the census again and this time, see how many daft Christmas names I could locate. Never disappointed….

First, there was Christmas Berry, the 12 year old son of William Berry, a 69 year old widower, residing at 10 Tomlinson’s Yard, Castle Gate, Newark:


Followed closely by Mary Christmas Burkinyoung, wife of Henry Hamerton Burkinyoung…. she was 51 and born in Paddington as Mary Christmas George. The couple were living in Bath Road, Langley, Buckinghamshire in 1911:


And then, there was Christmas Holly Cattermole, who I am convinced added the ‘Holly’ for comedy value as his birth was registered in March quarter 1856 in Norwich without the jolly holly addition:


But, I have to say that I think Christmas Day – for today – wins hands down!


There is a saying – ‘from the sublime to the downright ridiculous’ – just wait for tomorrow….

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