Day 2 of ‘A Week of Christmas Mystery’

17 December 2013

Hopefully, yesterday you managed to work out the date of the murder from the clues provided. The following six characters all played a part in the incident, either as the murderer, the victim, or innocent bystanders.

The character who spent the least murdered the character who spent the most. Can you identify the murderer and the victim? Keep your answers to yourself for now and be prepared for the ‘where’ clues tomorrow!

Santa: I spent an average of £8.60 on my presents this year. I bought presents for my wife, 3 nephews, 2 nieces, 2 children and 2 grandchildren.

Elf: I bought four presents. The cheapest was £16 and the price increased by £5.50 each, up to the most expensive.

Snowman: My average spend was £2.80 less than Santa’s but I bought 15 presents.

Reindeer: I bought gifts for the eight other reindeer. The shop was offering ‘buy three, get one free’. The normal price per item was £11.50.

Fairy: One of my presents cost the same as the elf’s most expensive one. My other four cost an average of £12.50.

Angel: My most expensive gift cost the same as the elf’s cheapest gift. The other six got progressively cheaper by £1.20 each.

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