Where did the murder take place? Day 4 ‘A Week of Christmas mystery’

19 December 2013

The final clues will help work out where the murder took place….

Mrs Claus received a photograph frame for Christmas from Santa. It was 26cm by 15cm and was designed to hold 20cm by 9cm photographs – I know…. odd dimensions eh?!

To solve today’s final murder clue, you need to work out the area of the photograph frame and its outer perimeter.

The murder occurred:

(a) At the North Pole if A = 390cm2 and P = 82cm

(b) Behind the Christmas Tree if A = 210cm2 and P = 70cm

(c) Out in the snow if A = 210cm2 and P = 82cm

(d) In Santa’s grotto if A = 180cm2 and P = 41cm

Now you have all four answers to the clues, email them to us (enquiries@family-wise.co.uk) before 12noon (GMT) Christmas Eve and who knows….? You might be the winner!

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