I don’t want to change my name….

21 December 2013

OK, so all researchers have come across this over the years, we are quite sure of that…. But just how many women marry men with the same surname? That’s not to say that they are close (or even distant) relations but we were today left wondering if any statistical analysis has ever been done on the number of incidents of same surname marriages in particular parishes and/or registration districts…. probably not!

Two occurrences popped into our communal minds when we were talking about it earlier on….

Samuel Evans marrying Eliza Evans in West Bromwich Parish Church on 11 July 1881M1881 S EVANS Samuel EVANS Eliza

And, John Davidson and Mary Ann Davidson in St John’s Church, Manchester on 24 February 1866


Perhaps, a job for one-name studiers for occurrences in a particular surname study? Or one-place studiers for the individual parish occurrences?

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