Fruit and veg

28 December 2013

From animals yesterday, to fruit and vegetables today…. Firstly, Strawberry. How many Strawberries were born in England prior to 1900? It would seem just four. Strawberry Tagget born June quarter 1847, died as Strawberry Taggett in September quarter 1849 in St Germans Registration District (RD) and a further Strawberry was born of the Taggett family in June quarter 1858 in St Germans RD. She went on to marry Henry Presnell in St Olave RD in June quarter 1888, though unfortunately she died in 1894 aged just 36.

Strawberry Whiteman died in infancy in 1874. The last Strawberry was male – Strawberry John Dale was born in September quarter 1897 in Loddon RD and married Ada E. Copeman in June quarter 1923 in Norwich RD. It will perhaps not surprise you to know that Strawberry became an ever more popular name again from 1990 onwards…. Hmm….

Then there was Carrot Harrison Harsnip – if it was parsnip, that would have been even more entertaining – born in December quarter 1838 in Horncastle RD. But, despite searching for a multitude of vegetables – spinach, turnip, potato, onion, leek, parsnip, sweetcorn and broccoli – vegetables appear to be far less frequently used for naming people, apart from Lettuce, of which there are many.

Confession time: what are the rare first names in your family – fruit, vegetable or otherwise?

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