When does Christmas officially end?

29 December 2013

It’s now Sunday 29 December. Many people will already be back at work – some won’t really have taken a break over Christmas – and others will be contemplating a return tomorrow for a short spell before the New Year.

Christmas is kind of over …. but when is it officially over. Yes, we all know about Twelfth Night when we should remove all our Christmas Decorations so as not to bring bad luck to our homes, but Christmas festivities don’t actually continue until the night of the 5 January, do they?

Is Christmas finished when all the presents have been given and received? Is the end nigh when the family visits/gatherings are completed for the festive season? No more visitors or visiting to do….  Or is it all over when there is no more turkey in the fridge? Or perhaps when the fat lady sings?!

Back to work for us here at Family Wise today…. though only for part of Sunday! Icy morning here in Wiltshire so we don’t fancy going outside much.

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