New Year’s Honours

31 December 2013

The New Year’s Honours List looks long and once again, full of very worthy individuals who have done some amazing work. However, a small part of me can’t help but wonder if being the Assistant Dresser to The Duchess of Cornwall or the Stationery and Reprographics Officer for the Royal Household really warrants a Royal Victorian Medal? Without wishing to launch myself upon the proverbial ‘band wagon’, there may be many other people who are at least equally worthy of honour for outstanding achievements within communities across the nation – indeed, around the Commonwealth – though, I am delighted to see that searching for the word ‘education‘ returns over 100 matches.

This year, Pauline Litton was awarded an MBE by the Prince of Wales for her services to genealogy and family history.

I am guessing that there is a long paperwork-filled procedure for recommending people for honours – something to look into in 2014?

Here’s to a prosperous and exciting New Year – honours and all!

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