The Womble Challenge!

2 January 2014

And so, 2014 begins with another display of OCD in the office of Family Wise. In between Heir Hunting cases and an anniversary family history gift (just when we thought we might have seen the last binder for a short while!!!), Womble Patrol has become a part of our daily life.

Firstly, how many Wombles could we collectively name? Thanks Wikipedia for your assistance in proving which ones were real and which had in fact been invented – creatively of course!

Then came the challenge of finding people with the Womble names and herewith our wonderful discoveries so far:


It was truly doubted by many that we would find a Cholet but FreeBMD highlighted Cholet Anselme marrying in the December quarter of 1860 in Liverpool RD. First question: male or female? Bearing in mind the other references which had the same page number (hence meaning they either married one another or were the partner of Cholet) were for Jane, Ann and William, it swiftly became apparent that Cholet was male. Light bulb moment: Ancestry have indexed and digitised Liverpool Marriages and Banns 1813-1921!



A relatively simple one: Orinoco Thomas Fenn born in Cardiff RD in June quarter 1891.


Not common as a first name but there were two characters of note:

Snodgrass Brown MATEER born September quarter 1904 in Barrow-in-Furness RD and married in March quarter 1937 in Southampton RD to Cornelius Webster. What? Snodgrass was a woman!! Also known as Molly, by the looks of the GRO index which includes Molly MATEER…. and, there was also a Snodgrass MACLEOD who died in December quarter 1935 aged 63 in Leicester RD.

There’s a start! Who can add to it?

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