Challenge Thursday

16 January 2014

G’day all! Well, I can hardly write ‘Good Morning’, ‘Good Afternoon’ or anything along those lines. Heaven alone knows when you will be reading this….

Well, January is supposed to be a quiet month, so I was told. Hardly! We have never been busier and the business networking in certainly paying off with referrals coming in from all angles. Some recent meetings, some from years ago. Suffice to say, business is booming.

Anyway, enough of that. After the early start at BNI J17 and a visit from FedEx this morning, we began discussing school records whilst researching a case. One thing led to another and before we knew it, we were creating a list of the Top Ten Oldest Schools in the UK and then, the Top Ten Oldest Universities in the UK.

Obviously, Oxford and Cambridge are the top two for universities being founded in 1117 and 1209 respectively. But how many more would you be able to name? We look forward to your comments – not saying our list is correct, so we would like to hear from other knowledgeable historians.

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