A week of useless knowledge – Day 4

23 January 2014

Some old British Achievers to share today…..

On 21 December 2007, Queen Elizabeth II became the oldest British monarch at 81 years and 8 months, overtaking the 81-year, 7-month and 29-day lifespan of Queen Victoria.

George Bernard Shaw (1856-1960), the playwright, won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1925 and was 82 when he won the Best Screenplay Oscar for Pygmalion – the only person ever to win both awards.

P.G. Wodehouse (1881-1975)’s novel Aunts Aren’t Gentlemen was published on 17 October 1974, two days after the author’s 93rd birthday.

German-born philanthropist, Robert Mayer (1879-1985), was made a British citizen in 1902. As founder of the Robert Mayer concerts for young people, Mayer became the oldest Briton to be knighted, on his 100th birthday.

And finally, Britain’s oldest married couple, Eluned (b. 1903) and William (b. 1901) Jones, celebrated their 84th anniversary on 3 February 2007, when she was 103 and he was 105.

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