Is that really necessary?

18 February 2014

Sometimes, when carrying out genealogical research, aren’t you left wondering ‘Why on earth….?’, ‘What on earth….?’ and ‘surely not?!’

One instance is the birth of Ann Pepper in March quarter 1883 in West Derby Registration district:

Ann Bertha Cecilia Diana Emily Fanny Gertrude Hypatia Inez Jane Kate Louisa Maud Nora Ophelia Quince Rebecca Starkey Teresa Ulysis Venus Winifred Xenophen Yetty Zeus Pepper

Am I joking, you ask? Sadly not!

Does Ann have the longest name in the history of civil registration? And more importantly, what happened to her in life? I’m intrigued….

More recently, I was sent this marriage certificate by a fellow genie:


Marrying on 31 March 1902 at St Matthew Chadderton, Albert Barlow and Amelia Baxter Mary Ellen Ann Cross Gregg Fielding. Heavens above! Is that really necessary? Fielding isn’t the most common of surnames, so I am sure Amelia Baxter Fielding would have been sufficient for the girl to stand out from the crowd. Honestly….

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