Sometimes it’s best not to….

28 March 2014

I started young in this ‘profession’. In fact, one of the first articles I wrote was titled I’m too young for family history! I’ve always been ‘a do-er’, never content with second best and always willing to lend a hand. That’s probably the reason I am chairing two international not-for-profit organisations, at my grand old age. In the past, I haven’t always made wise decisions – hell, sometimes they were downright ludicrous – but I have learnt from everything I have done and become a stronger, better person as a result. That’s not to say I’m perfect. I’m not.

But one thing I am is older and wiser. I haven’t lost my independent streak – that’s probably why I am ‘the boss’ (who’d want to try to manage me?) – and I will still strive to put my opinions across in a professional and measured manner, even when others don’t share my views. That’s OK. That’s what makes the world go round.

When I started writing this blog – not today… as in the first blog on this site – I made a promise to myself. Not to be opinionated and to ensure that the content of the daily blog would not offend others. I hope that I have achieved that. However, I am sometimes left stunned by what some other bloggers write.

What would we do – at Family Wise – if you offended us or, in our view, you had wronged us in some way? Plaster it all over our website….? No. That’s not our MO [modus operandi] and not what we expect from other professionals in the business. We are here to pass on our knowledge in our daily blog to fellow family, local and social historians and any other interested individuals.

To conclude, we would recommend that it’s best not to air your dirty laundry in public to retain your credibility and professionalism.

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