Day 2 of the A to Z Challenge: B for Bravo

2 April 2014

….Well done! Great job! Bravo! Congratulations! How many times a day do you say something positive to someone? By email, letter, verbally or even online? It’s very easy to focus on the negatives in life and how ‘bad’ things are. Wouldn’t the world be a different place if we all stressed the positives and buried those negatives under the carpet?

If you put an optimistic spin on even the worst days, life would be happier. So, you start the day really early, attending a meeting before most people are even awake. Meeting over, you choose to stay at the hotel venue to work and save 25 miles worth of fuel rather than going back to the office and then driving straight back up the same road an hour later. The Wifi fails you. You sit – on and off – for an hour on the telephone, battling with the ‘IT experts’ who tell you they have resolved the problem. Erm, I beg to differ. No internet still for me, dear boy!

Rather than sitting and getting more and more infuriated, let’s make the day positive. Thank the lovely staff (not the IT ones on the telephone) at said hotel for their assistance, smile and exit. Drive calmly down the road – thanking the gentleman for letting you out of the side street in a break of traffic – and go to Costa Coffee. Good old Costa Coffee. Always faithful Costa Coffee.

Not only was the coffee marvellous and location splendid for the onward journey, but the staff were smiley, helpful, courteous and generally, wonderful. So, rather than do the typical thing – go in, drink coffee, be anti-social on my laptop and leave – I decided to go onto the Costa Coffee feedback site and tell the ‘head honchos’ how wonderful my experience was today. Do you do that when you’ve had a good experience….?

It’s only lunchtime and my day will get even better after my trip down the M4 (she says with slight trepidation and a lot of hope!) as I have lots of really exciting meetings ahead this afternoon and an evening off with some chums from my working past. What more could anyone ask for on a Wednesday?

Lots of positivity today please folks – Bravo! Well done! Encouragement works better than criticism. Correction does much but encouragement does a whole lot more.

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