Day 9 of the A to Z April Challenge: I for Indigo

10 April 2014

Indigo has been a bit of a challenge to blog about! Having found that there is an airline called IndiGo – a leading domestic and international Indian Airline offering cheap, affordable, on time and hassle free operation – really the only thing we could talk about today was indigo, the colour.

Indigo is the hue of a portion of the visible spectrum lying between blue and violet. The first recorded use of indigo as a colour name in English was in 1289. The colour indigo was named after the indigo dye derived from the plant Indigofera tinctoria and related species.

Although traditionally considered to be one of seven major spectral colours, its actual position in the electromagnetic spectrum is controversial. Indigo is a deep and bright colour close to the colour wheel blue (a primary colour in the RGB colour space), as well as to some variants of ultramarine.

Featuring occasionally in the GRO indexes for England and Wales as a first name, references to Indigo Rapley and Indigo Edmunds are found in Chertsey, Guildford, Battersea and Wandsworth. There’s no accounting for colourful names …. I guess it’s only one step away from Violet.

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