Day 13 of the A to Z April Challenge: M for Mike

15 April 2014

From a slightly odd selection for L, M in the phonetic alphabet gives so many opportunities for today’s waffle…. I mean blog! There are simply hundreds – nay thousands – of famous people with the first name of Mike. But it would be wrong to write about anyone other than Mike Little. You all know who he is – right?

Just in case you don’t, I’ll fill you in. Born in 1962, he is a British web developer who co-founded WordPress, along with Matt Mullenweg. In June 2013, he  was awarded the SAScon’s “Outstanding Contribution to Digital” award and he now runs, his web development and consultancy company, which specialises in WordPress. His personal website details his publications, including Building Online Communities With Drupal, PhpBB, and WordPress which he co-authored in 2005. Surprising enough, he wrote the WordPress section of the book! He is a technical editor and has worked on a number of technical books for Wiley and Sons, as well as other publishers.

He says that he is ‘passionate about what he does and the projects he works on….. is particular about standards and “doing the right thing”.’ A man after my own heart…. Cheers Mike for making my blogging life so simple!

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