Day 19 of the A to Z April Challenge: S for Sierra

22 April 2014

Sierra is Spanish for mountain range and also saw – oddly – originating from the Latin serra. Most of the place names incorporating the word are in Spanish speaking countries or in California, with a few exceptions: Sierra Bullones – a municipality in the province of Bohol in the Philippines – and the country of Sierra Leone, located on the coast of West Africa.

Vehicles appear to use Sierra frequently in their names including an American experimental aircraft, the Acme Sierra, built in 1948, Ford Motor Company’s Ford Sierra, the General Motors truck, GMC Sierra, as well as various Navy ships, submarines, gliders and more.

Pity the poor person whose birth was registered in December quarter 1904 as Sierra Nevada Dukes …. there were few other registrations of birth, marriage and death in England and Wales of individuals with Sierra as a first name, although it has become more popular as a middle name in the last few decades.

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