Day 24 of the A to Z April Challenge: X for X-ray

28 April 2014

X-ray (or X-radiation) is a form of electromagnetic radiation. This takes me back to my student days studying chemical physics…. did you know that most x-rays have a wavelength of between 0.01 and 10 nanometres? X-ray wavelengths are shorter than UV rays and longer than gamma rays.

X-Ray was also a character in the fictional comic book super-villain team U-Foes published by Marvel Comics. X-Ray was one of four group members, able to generate and project radiation. The other characters included: Vector, the group’s leader who could repel matter telekinetically; Vapor, who was able to transform into any form of gaseous matter; and Ironclad, who transformed into any metal form and controlled his density. They first appeared in Incredible Hulk published in December 1980. As noted on the first page of that issue, the group’s name was inspired by the 1979 Graham Parker song “Waiting for the UFOs”.

It’s amazing what you learn by blogging your way through the phonetic alphabet!

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