The End of an Era

1 May 2014

And what an era it was….! Thank you for the messages of support, both on good days and bad. They have spurred me on and brightened up the darker moments. Did I enjoy it? Definitely! Would I do it again? Yes but differently, having learnt from the experience and reflected upon the decisions I made along the way. I haven’t managed to please all the people, all of the time. Has anyone ever managed this? But I hope that what I have done will be remembered in the future, for positive reasons. And now to look to the future…..

What on earth shall I write about in May! What did you think I was talking about?! Gone is the A to Z April Challenge to focus my mind each day – but at least I still have #52Ancestors every Sunday.

The April Challenge crossed over Easter so I did not get the opportunity to let you know that there are apparently (according to Ancestry) 958 people named Easter in England in the 1911 census, whereas Wales only has 63 and the Isle of Man, just 4 – though I am convinced that a large proportion are actually Esther. Many occupations featuring Easter are actually Eastern – North Eastern Railway Shunter and others….

However, Mabel Coombs of 16 Rockhall Road, Cricklewood was an artist of Christmas – well, it’s written Cristmas – Easter and other cards, aged 16 and Ethel O’Day, aged 15, of 7 Victoria Buildings, Ware Street, Hackney was actually an Easter Egg Maker! Some very detailed entries also refer to Easter, including Ann Sayers, an 82 year old widow who was the Vestry Keeper at St Ann’s Church (presumably Wandsworth as she lived at 9 Lemuel Street, Wandsworth) and she documents the fact that she was ‘just about to give the occupation up at Easter’. I would imagine she deserved her retirement ….

The end of an era for St Ann’s Church too.

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