Being specific

14 May 2014

In a previous existence – before Family Wise Limited – I was a full-time teacher of science (firstly) and (latterly, more) mathematics. Now ‘following the dream’, as well as unlocking the potential of a few select individuals in these two fascinating subjects, I spend Thursday morning each week educating fellow business people in my area about what I do. They are my sales force. I have a website – as you can see! – but I don’t need to advertise anywhere else.

The group meet each week and we have developed strong relationships. We know each other. We trust each other and I’d even go so far as to say we like each other! Sorry Interflora but you can send me as many emails as you like…. my business goes to Gin and Geraniums. Don’t bother ringing me British Telecom, when Utility Warehouse can cut my Broadband and telephone bill in half!

We only allow one person per trade or profession. Some people’s businesses are simple to understand but some are more complicated than others and operate in different spheres to ours. But then, how many Heir Hunters and Family Historians go to business networking groups!? So, it’s important each week to be specific when we address the sales team – we only have 60 seconds to educate fellow members about what we do, what makes us different (from all the other companies who do the same as us) and what referrals we are looking for this week.

If you were looking for a tutor to support your young adult in preparation for their GCSE/A-levels, would you say, ‘I am looking for anyone who can help X do better in his/her exams this summer.’ Of course you wouldn’t. You don’t want to have someone refer a History teacher to you when your son/daughter needs help with English!

So, don’t leave your business referrals to chance. Be specific so your sales team can find you quality referrals, to grow your business and earn you more money!

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