My weird Wednesday

21 May 2014

I sure started early today – goodness I hate it when the alarm says 5 something! Pottering across Salisbury Plains in fog, I arrived to find some amazingly chirpy chaps (and chap-esses) at The White Hart Hotel for the BNI Spire Chapter meeting. My good news of more training in Salisbury went down better than I could have ever imagined and would you believe that 18 people in the room were thanked for nearly £10,000 worth of invoiced business in the last week? Staggering….

Wending my way back to the office here in Calne, speaking to two clients on the way and all the way, pondering on how to remove large quantities of solidified bird guano from various parts of my car. Note to self: do not park under trees at this time of year. Much elbow grease required for removal and a most unpleasant job.

Oops, what happened to lunch? Oh yes – passed on that in favour of catching up with an important telephone call. And so, onward to the afternoon and taking small furry beasts to the local animal doctor for an MOT and then to get my car tyres checked. Joyous news…. I am told I need two new back tyres ‘rather urgently’ and furthermore, ‘like most women’, I don’t check my tyres. OK, men of the world, you are all perfect aren’t you? Confession time: when was the last time you checked your tyre pressures and tread?

A few jobs ticked off the task list (which is more like a book than a list right now) and then two hours of teaching one of my all-time favourite subjects. Actually, we picked up three new clients today and already have one tree back to the early 1800s! Heaven knows how – time should grow on trees and be free to pick in hour blocks as and when required, I think….. What a day…..

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