Getting something for nothing

26 May 2014

Why is it so difficult to accept something for nothing these days? I bought a scratch card on Saturday for £2 and won £10. That’s fine. We all accept the odds when we enter the National Lottery…. you have to be ‘in it to win it’ and all that. But if someone contacted you, out of the blue, and offered you something for nothing, why would a large percentage of you think it’s a scam?

Yesterday – yes, Sunday – we spent several hours contacting people to offer them free family history research and a free DNA test kit. Who wouldn’t say yes? Seemingly quite a lot of people – who knew?! And when we contact people about intestate estates which they are entitled to benefit from, the same thing happens. It’s like selling tea to china. Would you hang up the telephone on a Sunday if someone asked to speak to you? I sure wouldn’t. I would at least hear them out first.

When they ask me if I have been mis-sold insurance, then I might say ‘au revoir’…. or if they start blathering on about an accident I had in the last two years, then it might be a case of ‘which accident was that?’. But never, no never, have I been rude enough to hang up without even as much as a ‘by your leave’…. I think a fair few people need a lesson in politeness, when we were calling to offer them something for nothing! Their loss, I guess….

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