Where has this year gone?

30 June 2014

Today is the last day in June. Half the year has gone….already. When I worked for someone else – in a Monday to Friday job (kind of) – I used to wish my working week away and somehow, my life was being wished away in the process. Now, I am my own boss. Every day is different and I never really find myself willing Friday to show its face sooner, because it makes no difference to me really! And yet, I still find that six months has whipped by before my very eyes, without me even blinking. How?

Some days seem to go on endlessly with lists longer than my arm of jobs to achieve. On odd occasions – last Friday being one – I do end up feeling that I have achieved a great deal. Who would have imagined when challenged to find Mr X Y Smith with a last known address in 1988 that I would actually manage to track the right man down, within a matter of weeks?! The genealogical happy dance was duly performed on Friday evening at shortly before 6pm and I managed to be a normal person (OK, well as close as I am ever going to manage being a local and family historian, etc. etc.!) and took Saturday ‘off work’. Ooooo….. And what enormously exciting ventures did I take on instead of the next Smith, Jones, Lewis or Brown tree, you ask? I went to IKEA!


Without boring you with the entire contents of my basket of loot, I will just say that I now have half a chance of tidying the spare room with two new under bed storage drawers and the homestead is better versed with new duvets (the old ones had seen better days). Two new lamps and star paper clips…. the excitement was almost too much to cope with! But, I do have to ask, why do families take very small children with them on their trip to IKEA? The under-six variety of small person should really be spared the trek around the enormous warehouse, do you not think? For their sake and the sake of others (including me)! And Dear Mr Over Seventy, please learn how to drive the IKEA trolley without firstly taking a chunk out of the side of my right leg and then, adding insult to injury (no pun intended), by driving into the back of my right foot!

After a lovely trip to Bristol, I returned home, inspired to crack cases and complete family history binders! So, a good weekend and now to Monday…. a new day and an exciting week ahead. Don’t wish it away folks! July is upon us tomorrow – Independence Day on Friday!

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