Mathematical wizardry…..

3 July 2014

Regular readers of our Family Wise blog will know that it is – more often than not – about family history or just plain ol’ history. However, some days we spend a lot of time number crunching to work out how much each beneficiary is entitled to inherit. And so today, we thought we would wow you with some maths magic! Let us know how your answers (either privately or publicly, you decide!)….

Challenge 1: If 4 copiers can process 400 sheets of paper in 4 hours, how long does it take 8 copiers to process 800 sheets?

Challenge 2: Bert and Ernie take turns multiplying numbers. First Bert chooses the number 4. Ernie multiplies it by 4 and gets 16. Bert multiplies by 4 to get 64. Ernie multiplies that by 4 to get 256.

After going back and forth many times, one of them comes up with the number 1,048,576. Who came up with the number, Bert or Ernie?

And finally, Challenge 3: One of the numbers below becomes a common English word when converted into Roman numerals. Which one?

38                           54                           626                         1,009                     2,376                     3,128

Your interview task – if you would like a job here at FWL – will be to work out how much each beneficiary receives in an estate administration! Anyone interested?

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