Embarking on new adventures 

11 July 2014

Don’t panic! I am not about to make any major announcements…. but yesterday marked an anniversary for me personally. This time last year, I left a job working with extraordinarily young people and extremely talented teachers. Was my decision a good one? To leave a secure job – teaching mathematics and science, in a non-selective independent school in Oxfordshire – to work for myself…. Eek – where would the next ‘wage’ come from? How would I pay the bills?

In some ways I need not have worried but in other ways, I really miss the girls I used to teach! Last night, I attended the end of year Prize Giving Ceremony to catch up with those lovely youngsters and hear about their amazing achievements over the course of the last year. Twelve months has passed though we chatted away like it was yesterday I saw them last…. and it was great to speak to the parents and superb staff team too, to hear their news and plans for the summer break.

This last year has certainly been eventful at times, in lots of weird and wonderful ways! But would I change my life and go back to teaching full-time? Sorry…. no. I still love teaching and am happy to impart my mathematical knowledge when requested. Managing Family Wise Limited was my dream….travelling the world, writing, lecturing etc. And who knew that Family Wise would develop into The Dream Team? No going back now!

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