Crazy Thursday – Wilfart and Black Sheep

17 July 2014

And we really have gone a bit bonkers today in this heat…..

Black Sheep. There is (at least) one in every family and there are some very entertaining reads across the internet about how to recognise if you are it! But who would have ever dreamed that, when I decided to put ‘Black Sheep’ into Ancestry, the 1940 US Federal Census would return Black Sheep, Mrs Black Sheep and their three children, Philip Hubbard, Ellie Sheep and Gilbert Sheep, aged 32, 14 and 8 respectively. Not sure how Philip avoided being a sheep but maybe that’s an investigation for another day.

Mr and Mrs Black Sheep

We couldn’t stop there of course…. and so came Wanda K. Wilfart – born in 1957 in Bradford. Real! Honest! Her parents were Wladyslaw  and Concenttina (nee Strazzen) Wilfart. I am not sure about the origin of their surname!

There are hundreds – nay thousands – of these amazing names appearing all over the net on genealogical forums. Keep your eyes peeled genie-investigators….

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