What do you work for?

18 August 2014

It’s a crazy world we live in these days. Who would have been able to foresee, when I was in the Brownies, that in thirty years time we would all be so reliant on mobile phones, tablets, computers, the Internet…. Little more than an hour goes by each day without me using either my laptop or my Samsung Galaxy (other makes and models are available) and I was one of those people in the 1990s who said ‘I’m never going to have a mobile phone‘!

Thirty years ago, my parents worked ludicrous hours, teaching and trying to manage the crazy workload which came with the job. Has the workload of those educating the children of our future been changed? No…. if anything, it’s even worse in the 21st century. Expectations are constantly raised and employees must – ‘no matter what’ – achieve the goals set, whether they are possible or impossible. Having hung up my teaching boots, am I working shorter hours? No…. if anything, my working hours are much, much longer (who ever thought that was even possible!) but I work for a cause. For all the people out there who need to find people – present or past (future is a little challenging). I don’t work for applause…. if it happens to come my way for the work I have done, that’s great. I certainly don’t like being noticed (anyone who knows me will be aware of my desire to stay out of the spotlight/camera lens)…. though, my presence or work efforts being missed means the world to me.

What do you work for? Work for a cause and love what you do…. it’ll make your world a great place to be.

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