One of those days….

15 October 2014

You know those days/weeks/months when it seems like nothing is going your way? The times when you seem to work longer hours than ever but the bank balance tells a very different story? We’ve all been there!

Sometimes though, just sometimes, those speculative pieces of work, those proposals you put in for projects, those connections you made a while back, come back to say ‘Hi!’ when you are least expecting it. Having randomly wandered into a solicitors in Bath (not even two weeks ago) to tell them what we do here at FWL, we are now working on a really interesting intestate case …. Having put in a proposal for a project with a company in London, yesterday we were given the green light …. and today, a client who requested a quote quite some months ago has come back and said they would like us to proceed.

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together? (Thanks George Peppard for coming up with that saying!). We now have the busiest EVER two week period of work to ease our way through (hahaha) – what could possibly go wrong?!

Well, thank you HP Photosmart yellow cartridge for raining on our bonfire and firework party. Hmm…. Currys here I come, just as the heavens have opened (literally).

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