The never-ending task list

17 October 2014

Do you ever get that feeling that your task list will just never end? Do you feel like you spend your whole life writing lists? We feel your pain!

The problem with our work here at FWL is that – more often than not – we can’t just do a job in one go, send it off, invoice for it and it’s done. I doubt many professions are like that, but some do lend themselves more readily to at least getting the task done in one sitting.

So, we start a client’s family history research and come to a point where we have to order a certificate or two to confirm the next generation with certainty. Put the file down. Wait seven days to receive the certificate. Pick up the case again….

We contact potential beneficiaries in an intestate estate case. We send the claim and documentation off to the Treasury and wait for four to eight weeks to receive a reply. They then ask who is administering the estate, despite the fact our contract states the facts very clearly….

You get the idea. Now, we are very organised here at FWL. We have to be as we have case files coming out of our ears (as well as the more commonly used orifice, the filing cabinet). But, we are really interested to know how others manage projects to make sure that jobs don’t ‘fall down the cracks’. We have our ways, but we are convinced that there are much better systems! Anyone care to share? How do you do yours?

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