Just another Manic Monday

17 November 2014

After a relaxing weekend – yes, I managed it this time! – Monday came around far too quickly. And you know those days when the best plans just aren’t ever going to happen? Well, today is one of those…..

The screw which decided to insert itself into my tyre on Saturday has become inextricably embedded, never to be removed. OK, so it could be removed but the tyre is apparently knackered structurally so what would be the point…. To me, the point would be to resurrect a perfectly good ‘boot’ which was only replaced a few months ago. Grrrr….

Start the day at one tyre place – Garage? Workshop? What do you call them? – and, once the tyre was condemned, it transpired that they could not replace ‘like-for-like’ until tomorrow. Well, that’s not great when I have to travel to Berkshire/Oxfordshire later this afternoon and I cannot do that on a space saver spare tyre. And so begins the day at just 8:30am! Thankfully, just one telephone call gets me a firm with the right make AND with a 25% discount. Hurrah!

Of course, this was all part of this morning’s plan – NOT! So, with the new boot fitted and only about two hours behind on the task list, I headed back to the office to begin the day for the second time and en route, I was delighted to hear from a very good genie-friend of mine Down Under. We haven’t spoken in ages and so – oops – nearly an hour’s conversation later (Skype – free, hurrah!), the kettle is on. Two false starts and now, I am ready for the third attempt. In the blocks, under starters orders and …..

Check emails, Facebook and Twitter…. oh and Google+. Then, the post arrives – Lloyds TSB closing an account for a deceased client plus the usual amount of cobblers (leaflets, brochures and store catalogues which I haven’t purchased anything from in years). Get set …. Go ….

Onward to family history case work, reading wills which are as old as the hills (actually, most likely older than them) and generally making that jobs list shorter. Emails to Canada, Australia and New Zealand before posting brilliant news bulletins under my various personas on Facebook and Twitter and now…. oh, it’s lunch time now, isn’t it?

Sound familiar? I found this brilliant flow chart on MyPixieBlog and it just about sums up many Monday mornings, in my opinion. ‘Thinking about everything I have to do this week’ has to be a list for me and the team, as the list is just vast. Anyone else feel like today is ‘just another manic Monday … wish it was Sunday …. Cause that’s my fun day … My I don’t have to run day … It’s just another manic Monday’? Welcome to the Club! [With grateful thanks to The Bangles.]

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