Where did 2014 go?

1 December 2014

And here we are, at the start of December and I am wondering where on earth this year has gone. The Annual Epistle is on the ‘to do’ list and I am already wondering if I have missed the international posting date for overseas cards. I am guessing – nay, hoping – that I am not the only one in the world who feels that 2014 has zipped by without me even noticing….?

However, as I sit here typing, I consider all the things which have happened during the course of the year – some amazing highs and some stonking lows as well! But we’ve all had roller-coaster years in some way or another….

It’s a little too early to wish people a Happy New Year as we haven’t passed the big event on December 25th. However, now is perhaps a good time of year to start looking back at what you have achieved this year, reflect on the wins/losses and make plans for the future. What went well for you? Why did it go well? What went wrong? How will you make sure that does not happen again in 2015?

Here at FWL, we are making some changes over the next few weeks in preparation for next year. The office is having a ‘December clean‘ – similar to spring cleaning but a little earlier – and the team will be expanding on a more permanent basis as the workload has expanded beyond our wildest dreams in 2014. Exciting times…. Do any of you know any team players who have some time to commit to working at FWL? Various roles to suit potential candidates. Please email if interested!

[Now, keep an eye out over this month for the hidden message in the titles of FWL blogs…. When you think you know, email us so as not to spoil it for others!]

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